For the 4x4 hoop
    Mark your center line on whatever you are going to embroider the recipe designs on with the dissolvable marker or chalk.
    The 4x4 design is marked ending in a, b, c, d. Each recipe is individual in that respect.
    Part A is always the title of the recipe and the graphic design. Embroider that first. With the 4x4 hoopings the design ends up being long and narrower than the  5x7 which is a 2 hooping process or the one hoop 5x8 or 5x9 size.
    Part B it’s best to use your grid that comes with  your hoop. You can line up your center line. Center under the design from the first hooping. Do a check design or scan the hoop to make sure your stitching won’t run into the first  stitching. Stitch that section. When finished remove from hoop and get ready to do the next hooping.
    Part C again using the grid on top of you hoop you need to center on your center line but you will also need to hoop into the design above so the recipe doesn’t have spacing. You will have to do some checking with your check design feature on your machine. You may have to move the design up in your hoop if it’s not close enough to the previous recipe section. Once you do this you will understand. It isn’t hard. When your satisfied with your line up embroider this section.
    If there is a part D follow the directions as in part C.




The recipe card is in a .pdf format with the files in each recipe zip. It's better if you use the Card Stock Paper. It prints up so much nicer and is like an index card. You can go to your office supply store and even get it in colors for a nice touch. I found some wheat colored card stock paper and I love how nice they look when printed



The most asked question I get is Where do you get your towels?

Some people have told me they go to Sam's Club and purchase flour sack towels. You can get them at Wal Mart or any department store. Another great source if you don't have these resources near you is online at Sewphisticated Stitcher. Click on her logo and it will take you to her site!

 Here is a recipe design stitched out on one of the towels from Sewphisticated Stitcher. They turned out beautiful.                         




Choose a woven fabric to co ordinate with your terry towel.

Cut your fabric and hoop.

Stitch your design on the woven fabric.

I would iron on some heat & bond to the back of the woven fabric after you stitch it. Cut around your stitchout and turn under the raw edges. Iron onto your towel. Then you can applique your edges or sew around the edge of your stitchout onto the towel for a nice finished look.


When washing any of the stitched towels. It's better to wash them and just let them air dry. You may have to press them if you desire. The dryer just shrinks them so much. It turns out much nicer this way.